If you need import furniture badly, you should consider buying furniture from China. An individual might balk at the idea of visiting China to purchase furniture, but prices are significantly lower than in home country to make a trip to China for furniture reasonable. China manufactures most of the furniture used by the leading furniture designers in the western world. Its proximity to Europe and North America means that any furniture purchased from China is of high quality and typically within your budget. If the quality is good enough, the price is low enough.

Reach out to sellers

Buying furniture online from China offers several options for payment. Most buyers prefer to pay through the credit card method because it is more convenient. However, if you do not have access to a credit card or do not wish to use one, another method for payment is through a Chinese supplier or local Chinese retailer. If you cannot arrange for payment through your credit card, you can send a money order to your supplier.

Most major retailers have websites. Some of these websites allow you to search for suppliers based on their country of origin, city of origin, or by furniture type. Using the appropriate keywords will help you find possible suppliers who specialize in manufacturing and selling China furniture. You will also be able to access lists of companies that specialize in selling furniture made from wood, metal, or pressed wood.

One of the more popular items sold by Chinese manufacturers is small, low-cost sofas and bed frames. There are some low-cost items that rival designer pieces. The low prices on many low-end sofas and bed frames make them practical solutions for homes, offices, and small hotels. You can find small furniture retailers online that sell either used or new bedroom furniture, sofas, chairs, tables, and chests.

While most of the items imported from China are cheap and low quality, you should be aware of what you are buying and ask questions if something is not right.  If you want to import furniture from China to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Alkonabe will help you and facilitate the way for you to import the furniture you want to get from China and will give you all the information you need, for more details contact us now from here

Know what is used in making furniture

Before purchasing any Chinese furniture, you should be aware of what is used in making the furniture, as well as what is not, and ask questions about the origin of the wood and whether it has been painted or varnished. Some manufacturers may claim to use only 100% wood from China, but this does not mean that it is not sourced from somewhere else. In fact, most furniture manufacturers source all of their wood from countries like Brazil, India, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. These manufacturers then ship their furniture to China, where it is inspected and re-boarded according to local standards.

If you want to buy good quality, solid wood that will last, you will have to source your wooden furniture from a supplier that is known for producing quality, solid furniture. Now AlKonabe offers trade services where we can help you enter the world of furniture and trade in it, contact us for more details and information


Apart from the quality of wood that your supplier uses, there are other things that will affect the cost of imported furniture from China. The cost of shipping the item is affected by the distance (land versus air freight) between you and the importer, as well as the time required to prepare the shipment. Most furniture companies require some sort of inspection of the item before they allow you to export it, so the longer it takes you to prepare the items, the more you will pay for it. Some companies will even ask for an export guarantee, just in case the item breaks down during shipment. If you are still unsure about how much to pay for your furniture, you can always import furniture from China yourself.

The factors that have helped China become the number one importer of furniture 

The U.S. is still one of the leading importers of import furniture from China. They spend billions of bucks every year on these items. However, only a handful exporters are able to fulfill this user demand, among which China is the leading producer of furniture items. Here are some of the factors that have helped China become the number one importer of furniture 

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