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Al-Konabe is a privately owned factory specializing in wood industries, established in 2008 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Where we worked to gather the bonds of power in the world of furniture, and was inspired by that passion in the world of wood industries.

uniqueness was a feature that unveiled an industry that is like creative advancement that set its goals from the beginning, emphasizing professionalism and skill based on the design and manufacture of products.

Al Konabe offers great models and a wide range of services designed specifically to meet the needs of our discerning customers. We strive hard and actively to offer new and innovative ways to help our customers excel in their goals.

Demand for Alkonabe products has increased significantly in recent years, expanding the concept of unconsetitive value and unmatched quality.

The Konabe factory has relied on plans and research in the development of the necessary technologies and systems in the wood industry. These designs have inspired precision in art through a modern technique that adapts natural wood to inspire the human mind and thank God, Al Konabe has achieved success in all his projects, with his advanced modern creative heritage we are here to collaborate to provide the best levels of wood products, and to provide the best services that can be provided. The management of the factory has been carefully selected and supported by international engineers, technicians and experts who are proficient in all kinds of activities.

Al Konabe prides itself on seeking to provide high quality and the best level of wood products and to provide the best services to win the satisfaction of its customers.

General manager's letter​

Farid Awadallah - Owner & CEO

Despite the increasingly difficult working environment that has taken place in the global demand and competition structure, Alkonabe Wood Industries Factory has built its reputation on the highest quality and service. Dedication to serve our customers and partners is the big secret to our continued growth, which is why we continue to explore new ways and methods to improve performance.

We believe that our clients are our most valuable asset. We take care of training, development, and manual expertise in order to meet the growing demand of our customers’ needs.

For 70 years, Saudi Arabia has consistently strengthened its role as the world’s leading energy source. Over the past seven years, Alkonabe has evolved into an integrated factory operating in various fields, the most important of which are: large-scale furniture manufacturing, construction, interior designs and general trade. However, in every area we serve our customers by insisting on five principles at work: excellent skills, quality of production, on-time delivery of orders, advanced logistics and personal services to customers. 

The growth and success we have achieved over these years is the result of our commitment to high standards of integrity and dedication to satisfying, The needs of our customers. This successful history has been made possible by the contributions of an integrated team of experienced and highly qualified administrators and technicians in various fields, administratively, financially and technically, and thanks to our extensive presence in the Kingdom. It is never surprising that the growth of the plant has become significant over the past five years, thereby strengthening its position as one of the leading factories in the field of diverse wood industries. 

The factory was established in the free zone and began production in September 2011. This means to our customers that the Alkonabe is always close to them.

In conclusion, The Goal of The Alkonabe is to provide furnishing services that give you more than you expect, in terms of style, choice, quality, international standards and incredible value. 

Thank you to all our customers around the world for the trust they have placed in us by assigning us to meet their requirements. Thank you for your continued trust.

The staff

Al-Konabi has a professional team with great experience and skill in completing projects. The team is led by a specialized group of foreign-certified engineers as well as manufacturing experience, project management, design and management in the local environment. This team has previously served as company managers, owners’ representatives, and executive members of the management of major companies for more than four decades.

Why Us?

We invest in the future to meet our commitment to product quality with prices and the constant search for modernity in designs where we have put the experience of the years and the latest furniture industry technology in your hands


At ِALKONABE, we are committed to providing the highest levels of services and products and maintaining this quality and values that are the cornerstone of our principles. These principles enable us to provide all services aimed at satisfying our customers by relying on modern technology and professional staff, which we always strive to provide a suitable and attractive work environment by satisfying their ambitions by offering tailored development and motivation programs for their skills.

To be the leading manufacturer in the wood industry and to strengthen this name in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

At ِAlkonabe, we practice quality as part of our productive culture and we always look forward to satisfying our customers through the continuous development of our systems and ways of working. In addition, providing a large network of individual and corporate customers continuously and appropriately is a testament to the quality of our products and our commitment to customers. We believe that quality is one of the most important success factors to build customer confidence to experience our products. We have gained a prominent position because of our relentless pursuit of high levels of customer satisfaction and the lowest levels of returned products. In addition, we have received iso 9001 since 2003. All stages of work in The Conabi have been matched to the most stringent quality control standards. In order for this to happen, we thoroughly and thoroughly inspect all materials used before the production process begins. In addition, there are inspections that we carry out at every stage of production until the final mobilization phase. All of this helps us reduce returns, thereby saving a lot of expenses and building a distinct image of our company in the global market.

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