1/4 Alkonabe signs partnership contract with Dubai based company for the construction and interiors of 5 stars hotels in KSA   8/8/2015

2/4 Alkonabe sign contract with café bene for construction and interior of Riyadh café   10/5/2011

3/4 Alkonabe participated in Dubai wood show between 14th and 16th April 2015    6/8/2013

4/4 Alkonabe sign kingdom wide contract with Keden International for construction and interior   29/05/2015



Alkonabe furniture is proud to showcase some of the world's most outstanding fine furniture for both residential and commercial purposes. Our manufacturing facility is state of the art, modern and well-organized infrastructure based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are the trendsetters that break the mold with new technology and design innovation. We use high quality materials sourced from qualified vendors around the world.

Alkonabe manufacturing all products in line with Quality Assurance requirements, our entire staff is focused on the supply of furniture that best meets clients' demands. Some of our featured product line: