1/4 Alkonabe signs partnership contract with Dubai based company for the construction and interiors of 5 stars hotels in KSA   8/8/2015

2/4 Alkonabe sign contract with café bene for construction and interior of Riyadh café   10/5/2011

3/4 Alkonabe participated in Dubai wood show between 14th and 16th April 2015    6/8/2013

4/4 Alkonabe sign kingdom wide contract with Keden International for construction and interior   29/05/2015

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


A commitment to providing a high level of service, products and maintaining the quality and values that are the basis of our principles and continue to provide all services to retain the confidence and satisfaction of our clients, continue to keep up with modern technologies, continue to create attractive working environment for the staff of the factory and satisfy their ambitions by providing development creative programs encourage them to upgrade their levels.


To be the foremost manufacturer and leader in wooden industries and consolidate the brand in Saudi Arabia and Middle East Manufactory