1/4 Alkonabe signs partnership contract with Dubai based company for the construction and interiors of 5 stars hotels in KSA   8/8/2015

2/4 Alkonabe sign contract with café bene for construction and interior of Riyadh café   10/5/2011

3/4 Alkonabe participated in Dubai wood show between 14th and 16th April 2015    6/8/2013

4/4 Alkonabe sign kingdom wide contract with Keden International for construction and interior   29/05/2015

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We practice QUALITY as part of our culture and look for customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in systems and processes. Quality and Reliability in supplies are achieved through employee participation at all times. Our Consistent volume supplies to a large network of stockiest and end-user stand testimony to our quality and commitment to our customers.

We believe as a manufacturer and exporter "Quality" is one of the upmost important key factors to help us build customer confidence to try our product. Product quality can be controlled and rejection can be minimized by adopting a good system. We earned a strong reputation because we always aim for high customer satisfaction and low percentage of returned goods. We achieved ISO 9001 certification since 2003.

Our processes conformed to the stringent QC standards set. A full and thorough inspection is conducted for all incoming materials before issuance to production. Each production processes conducts checks until to the final packing. By minimizing rejection, we are able to save a lot of cost and build our company image in the global market. We are constantly devising ways for improvement.