1/4 Alkonabe signs partnership contract with Dubai based company for the construction and interiors of 5 stars hotels in KSA   8/8/2015

2/4 Alkonabe sign contract with café bene for construction and interior of Riyadh café   10/5/2011

3/4 Alkonabe participated in Dubai wood show between 14th and 16th April 2015    6/8/2013

4/4 Alkonabe sign kingdom wide contract with Keden International for construction and interior   29/05/2015



Established in 2008, Alkonabe is a privately owned factory, based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and specialized in wooden furniture manufacturing. Alkonabe offers wonderful models and provides a wide range of services tailored to our distinctive clients’ requirements. We actively pursue new and innovative ways to assist our clients to excel and exceed in business objectives.

The demand for Alkonabe furniture has grown rapidly in the recent years specially in the corporate sector. The concept of unbeatable value and unrivalled quality has therefore been extended Kingdom-wide. One of the keys to ensuring the mantra of quality brand lies in the fact that Alkonabe is the only genuine, fully vertically integrated furniture manufacturer in the Kingdom. Alkonabe has depended on plans and researches in developing the techniques and methods required for wooden manufacturing. The designs have inspired

delicacy of art through modern technology that leads to subjection of the natural wood to inspire the human brain.

Thanks be to ALLAH, Alkonabe has achieved success in all its projects, the developed heritage and creative modern ones, and is associated with the highest and the most famous contracting Factory having the professional consulting engineers and interior designing offices.

We are here to cooperate in presenting best levels of wooden products and to provide the best possible services. The administration has been selected careding and supported with international Expert professionals and technicians who are controlling all kinds of activities.

Alkonabe takes pride to cooperate in presenting high quality, best level of wooden products and to provide services to achieve our customer satisfaction..