1/4 Alkonabe signs partnership contract with Dubai based company for the construction and interiors of 5 stars hotels in KSA   8/8/2015

2/4 Alkonabe sign contract with café bene for construction and interior of Riyadh café   10/5/2011

3/4 Alkonabe participated in Dubai wood show between 14th and 16th April 2015    6/8/2013

4/4 Alkonabe sign kingdom wide contract with Keden International for construction and interior   29/05/2015

CEO Message

CEO Message

Despite the increasingly difficult business environment caused by changes in the global structure of demand and competition, Alkonabe has built its reputation on the highest levels of quality and services.

Passion and dedication to serve our clients and partners is the great secret of our continued growth and is the reason we continue discovering better ways to improve your project requirements.

We believe that our clients are our true assets. We emphasize on training, education and on-hand experience to meet the demands of our global world and our client›s needs. For almost 70 year, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has continuously developed its role as a key energy provider in the world. Over the past 7 years, Alkonabe has evolved into a fully integrated Factory that works in various sectors mainly: Large scale furniture manufacturing, construction &interior designing, and general trading. However, in each case we serve our clients by sticking to five business principles: Excellent skills, product quality, on-time delivery, sophisticated logistics and personalized customer services.

Our Evolution and success over the years is due to our high standards of integrity and endeavors to satisfy our clients unique needs. This history of success and

delivery of services is made possible by the contribution of highly experienced local and expatriate technical staff, kingdom wide presence, and best of the class facilities, infrastructure and processes.

Not surprisingly, the growth of the Factory has been great over the last five years. And with progress firmly in mind, a new factory was established in the free zone, and started its production in September 2011. This initiative, coupled with the relocation of the existing Alkonabe infrastructure, will pave the way for continued growth. Beyond this large manufacturing presence lies a sophisticated infrastructure with representatives throughout the kingdom. For customers, this means there is always a Alkonabe nearby.Ultimately, Alkonabe goal is to provide services of furnishing that deliver what offer you more than what you expect in terms of style, choice, quality, international standards and incredible value.

Thank you to all our clients all over the world for the confidence they reposed in us by assigning us to accomplish their requirements. Thank you for your continuous business.


Farid Awad Abdullah
General Manager - The owner